Tobacco-Free Action of Columbia and Greene Counties advocates for policy change that reduces exposure to secondhand smoke, makes tobacco products less visible and accessible, and makes tobacco use more expensive, less convenient and less socially acceptable.  Policy change is an effective way to encourage and promote healthy behavior on a large scale.

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Our Initiatives:

Tobacco-Free Outdoor Air: Secondhand smoke and cigarette litter are not part of a healthy environment.  We work with elected officials to prohibit smoking in parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and other public places, and with businesses and organizations to restrict smoking on company grounds.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing: Non-smoking buildings are healthier, safer and less costly to maintain. We work with property owners and managers to create more smoke-free rental housing options, especially for low income individuals and families.

Retail Tobacco Marketing:  Tobacco companies spend most of their marketing dollars on in-store advertising, promotion and product display. We support measures that protect children from the influence of this type of marketing, such as a prohibiting the sale of tobacco near schools, ending the sale of tobacco in pharmacies, and requiring tobacco products to be kept out of sight in retail stores.

Our Services:

  • We provide educational materials on tobacco-related topics
  • We conduct presentations to organizations, businesses and municipalities
  • We sponsor media campaigns to raise public awarenes
  • We mobilize community support for action to address problems caused by tobacco
  • We work collaboratively with community leaders and local officials to bring about policy-based solutions
  • We provide signage and technical assistance for policy implementation

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