The Healthcare Consortium is a rural health network made up of your friends and neighbors from the health care, business and consumer sectors. It is one of 34 such networks throughout New York State and receives funding from the New York State Department of Health, Office of Rural Health, and through public and private resources and donations.

The mission of the Columbia County Community Healthcare Consortium is to increase access to quality health care through collaboration,  education, information and service delivery.

Our Core Values

  • Access to quality health care is a fundamental right of every individual.
  • Improving the health of our community occurs through the partnership of health, social service, all levels of government, and wellness organizations.
  • Individuals are primarily responsible for their own health care decisions and require information and education to fulfill their role effectively.
  • Collaboration and provision of preventive and wellness services has long term efficiencies.

Our Vision for the Future

  • Health care consumers will be well informed.
  • Low income/uninsured/underinsured individuals will have equal access to primary care, dental and vision services.
  • Transportation to health care services will be accessible to all residents.
  • Health outcomes will make significant progress towards the Healthy People 2015 goals.
  • Health care consumers will have better access to having prescriptions filled and utilized appropriately.