Prescription drugs can be costly, especially for those who have little or no insurance. The Healthcare Consortium’s Prescription Access and Referral Program has been formed to help address this need.

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For Columbia County residents, or residents of Greene County or Northern Dutchess County, call Rachel Cole at (518) 822-8820, x328 or send an email to Rachel

Nearly every drug company has a prescription assistance program that allows individuals to receive prescription drugs at reduced cost, and very often, at no cost, for those who qualify.

Each company has a different set of qualification standards. Usually the patient has to be uninsured or under- insured and have an income level below or close to the federal poverty guideline to qualify.

This program is focused on helping those who fall into these categories. Once the patient file is created, the application can be sent to the drug company.
The application process is often complicated, so we will help fill out the correct application, help you gather documentation and give you other important information.

There are over 400 participating Drug Companies.  If you would like to research and apply for your medications without our assistance, go to .  Once the webpage opens, find your medication and the company that may assist you by clicking on either the Brand Names link or Generic link in the top left corner of the page.  It will be under the Patient Assistance Programs title. The medications will be listed alphabetically.  Follow all instructions carefully.

Do It Yourself Instructions

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