Claire Parde
Claire PardeExecutive Director
Claire joined the team in August 2011.
John Ray
John RayFiscal Manager
John joined the team in April 2012.
Ashling Kelly
Ashling KellyOffice Manager
Ashling joined the team in October 2017.

Medical Transportation Program

Jim Funk
Jim FunkTransportation Program Coordinator
Jim joined the team in 2010, first working as a driver. Thereafter, Jim was promoted to Transportation Program Assistant and, in February 2014, to Transportation Program Coordinator.
Marcy Wolfe
Marcy WolfeTransportation Program Assistant
Marcy joined the team in May 2013.

Medical Transportation Program Drivers

Wally Lees
Wally LeesProgram Driver
Wally joined the team in November 2014.

Eric Martin
Eric MartinProgram Driver
Eric joined the team in January 2018.
Greg Mosley
Greg MosleyProgram Driver
Greg joined the team in January 2013.
Paul Mossman
Paul MossmanProgram Driver
Paul joined the team in July 2015.

Ed Sauer, Jr.
Ed Sauer, Jr.Program Driver
Ed joined the team in February 2017.
Bill Wendelken
Bill WendelkenProgram Driver
Bill joined the team in May 2016.

Peter Iacovelli
Peter IacovelliProgram Driver
Peter joined the team in June 2018
David Landry
David LandryProgram Driver
David joined the team in August 2017.
Bob Pollack
Bob PollackProgram Driver
Bob joined the team in June 2019
Other Staff:
John LeachProgram Driver
John joined the team in February 2012.

Tobacco Free Action Community Partnership

Karen dePeyster
Karen dePeysterSenior Program Director
Karen joined the team in August 2002.


Consumer Assistance Programs

Lisa Thomas
Lisa ThomasDirector of Consumer Assistance Programs
Lisa joined the team in 2005.

Navigator Program

Doreen Rodriguez
Doreen RodriguezProgram Coordinator
Doreen joined the team in April 2012.
Elaine Allen
Elaine AllenCommunity Educator/Navigator
Elaine joined the team in December 2014. Elaine is the Consortium’s interpreter for Spanish-speaking clients.
Rachel Cole
Rachel ColeNavigator
Rachel joined the team in January 2016.  


NYConnects, The Prescription Access and Referral Program, and The Financial Assistance Funds


Rachel Cole
Rachel ColeConsumer Assistance Programs Assistant
Rachel joined the team in January 2016.  








Helpers for Health